The Immortal Who Loved Me Scavenger Hunt Results

The Immortal Who Loved Me Scavenger Hunt is over. We'd like to send out a big thank-you to everyone that participated and we hope you had fun. I know we did!

The winners of The Immortal Who Loved Me Scavenger Hunt are...

Congratulations Herlinda Berry and Vanessa Umrao who won the second prize of The Immortal Who Loved Me apron, red chef hat, designer spoon along with a signed copy of one of Lynsay's books.


Romance Junkies review of The Immortal Who Loved Me

5 Blue Ribbon Rating! ... As a fan of Ms. Sands' work, I have read all of the books in this series as well as her other books. As I fervently consume each one, I believe that particular novel may be the best one she has ever written...until the next book is released, and that includes this one. Ms. Sands has the ability to make the impossible believable and her characters compelling while I cannot get enough and look forward to each new release. Treat yourself to a copy and discover the magic of Ms. Sands' work for yourself!

Inner Goddess Review of The Immortal Who Loved Me

Classic Lynsay Sands with action and romance balanced, an independent female, and alpha male brought to his knees by love. The suspense and danger of Leo and his boys return, bringing the mortal Sherry into Basil's life. While other books have the main characters fighting the life mate pull, this time the 2 know they are mates before ever meeting. Yet each attempt to verify is blocked, creating a comedic effect. What follows is a passion driven courting set against a backdrop of danger.

Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust Review of The Immortal Who Loved Me

Just when I think Lynsay cannot possibly continue to create and breathe life into this long-standing series she comes along and changes up the game; moves the series along and renews it. The series is never “phoned-in” nor has it “gone off the rails” like some others I review. Lynsay manages to find enough to inspire her and write about with each new entry. Now here at book number 21 she has done it again! And, I think she has brought some really interesting changes and ideas to the storylines.

Guilty Pleasures Book Review of The Immortal Who Loved Me

Guilty Pleasures 5 star review!

OK, so I went into this book thinking that there was no way that Lynsay Sands could continue thispurestdelightaward series without it becoming stale and something, anything, repeating itself. Well, another life mate – more shared pleasure – a surprise (didn’t think she would finally do it) and an HEA …. Vegas Baby! Nope, nothing, nada …. a completely new storyline with wonderful characters and a surprise here and there. Not disappointed, not surprised …. Lynsay Sands did it again.

Giveaway on SmartBitches in Honor of the new book The Immortal Who Loved Me

To celebrate the 21st book in Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau series, The Immortal Who Loved Me, Avon asked if they could give away a 4.5 quart Kitchen Aid standing mixer here at the hot pink palace.

Like I would say no to anything that involved the remote possibility of baked goods, right?

Romance Reviews Top Pick The Immortal Who Loved Me

5 stars! Plot-wise, this was one of the more exciting and adventurous books in the series. It was fast paced and opened new doors while closing others. Ms. Sands gave us a refreshing look at this long running series while staying to the same formula that has hooked so many readers on the Argeneau clan. It also hints at some future storylines, i.e., something strange is going on with Bricker.


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