Guilty Pleasures Book Review of The Immortal Who Loved Me

Guilty Pleasures 5 star review!

OK, so I went into this book thinking that there was no way that Lynsay Sands could continue thispurestdelightaward series without it becoming stale and something, anything, repeating itself. Well, another life mate – more shared pleasure – a surprise (didn’t think she would finally do it) and an HEA …. Vegas Baby! Nope, nothing, nada …. a completely new storyline with wonderful characters and a surprise here and there. Not disappointed, not surprised …. Lynsay Sands did it again.

The story of Sherry and Basil (pronounced Baw-zil) just took me by surprise. No secrets, just out in the open “we are Immortals and we are life mates” from the beginning to the end. And, in the end, as Sherry would put it … she was the cheese to his pepperoni … and together they could overcome anything...

… we can only look forward to who and what she has in mind for the future. Thank you, Ms. Sands, for keeping this series, light, fun and interesting.

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The Immortal Who Loved Me

Lynsay keeps the action going, from the moment you open the book to the end. She even throws you an unexpected curve ball in the story line. This starts with Stephanie, Sherry and Basil meeting and having some of our favorite Argeneau people back to help. Can Basil convince Sherry to be his mate with all that's going on? Can Sherry handle everything that is going on around her in her life? Read it and see