Fangs, Wands & Fairy Dust Review of The Immortal Who Loved Me

Just when I think Lynsay cannot possibly continue to create and breathe life into this long-standing series she comes along and changes up the game; moves the series along and renews it. The series is never “phoned-in” nor has it “gone off the rails” like some others I review. Lynsay manages to find enough to inspire her and write about with each new entry. Now here at book number 21 she has done it again! And, I think she has brought some really interesting changes and ideas to the storylines. This series has, and I say it with each new book, the best rationale for immortals ever, with nanotechnology!

This particular volume in the series brings younger characters to the fore and creates a place for the young immortal, Stephanie who has some interesting abilities. Not that any of the Argeneaus or their ilk looks older than 25 — an idea that stumps Sherry in the excerpt below. How can Leo, who looks 25 have three sons his own age? But Stephanie is only seventeen and has only been immortal a few years making her doubly young in the world of the Argeneaus. Read more at