Coffee Time Romance review of TIWLM

Rating: 4 Cups

Sherry Carne is a normal woman with a small business to run and no time to spend on frivolous fantasies. Then a teenager bursts into Sherry’s store with a trio of brutal killers on her tail. Now Sherry is a target and she does not even know why.

Basil never expected to have another chance at finding his life mate. Yet when he meets Sherry, his long life begins to have meaning once again. Now he must convince her that vampires are real, and she is meant to belong in his world.

The more Sherry discovers about the immortal world, the more she realizes that there are things in her past that tie her closely to Basil’s existence. With this knowledge comes danger that Sherry can never hope to survive. Fortunately for her Basil is ready and willing to keep her safe now and forever.

Although this fast paced story is the latest in a long series, it can easily be read as a standalone. Readers will enjoy Sherry’s quick wit and bravery, which are a perfect match for the more serious Basil. Long time lovers of Ms. Sands’ Argeneau series will also love a chance to reconnect with their favorite cast members.

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