Argeneau Series

This site is dedicated to the readers of the Argeneau series. It's all about the Argeneaus, which also includes the Nottes and rogue hunters, and so much more!

The origin and pronunciation of the name… Argeneau is the french version of Argentum, which means silver, so it's Argeneau pronounced Ar-zsa(as in Zsa Zsa Gabor, the actress)-no.

The Argeneaus… Most people think of the Argeneau series as a vampire series, but to me it’s more about family. The fact that they are vampires is just an added little twist, like an accessory to an outfit. It makes them more interesting in some ways, allows for more plot twisting and such, but it’s really not the main focus of the stories. The main focus is how the characters interact and respond to each other, how they argue and tease and how they come together and support each other when trouble strikes…and trouble always strikes.

The Argeneau family… Lucian is the head of the North American council and and the eldest of the Argeneau family. He's fair and he gets things done that need to be done. His role quite often ends up being that of both judge and jury so he's got the hardest job. Marguerite is the backbone of the family and gifted with the ability of being able to match up lifemates. She's also the main reason the Argeneaus have remained so close.
More to come...