Book #25, Immortal Unchained, release is only 2 short months away!

Drina's brother, Domitian, is a well known chef and restauranteur in Venezuala. For years one of his patrons has been asking him to cook for him and he's refused until now. Now, with the disappearance of so many immortals across North America, he has volunteered himself to help Lucian and the other rogue hunters capture the one responsible. The only problem is they're still in the dark about who it is so he may end up being the one trapped in this game of cat and mouse.


About A Vampire Contest

In honor of the upcoming ‪#‎AboutAVampire‬ book release, we’re having another contest but this time it’s to win something romantic, Bricker style! Whether it’s a romantic submarine sandwich lunch for two OR flowers delivered to you for three months OR a gourmet dinner delivered right to your door OR a Victoria’s Secret gift certificate, all prizes are things Bricker has either done in the past or in his current book, #AboutAVampire. (I'll even throw in your choice of signed book from any of my series.)


About A Vampire, Now It's Justin Bricker's Turn...

So many readers have been asking after Justin Bricker’s book, ‪#‎AboutAVampire‬, that I felt we had to do something special for it’s debut. So we (well mostly Terri did all the hard work) created a little trailer to give readers an idea of what’s to come. Hope you enjoy it! By the way, it may just be because I've heard it a million times as Terri was working on this, but I really really like the song to the trailer. Hope you do too.


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